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Guangzhou Brandy Cognac Import Customs Clearance Cost|Time|Warehouse|Delivery

Guangzhou Customs Broker for Imported Brandy and Cognac , warehouse, bubble carton packing, logistics and delivery.Our customs clearance services in Guangzhou are available in Huangpu port, Nansha port, Jiaoxin port, Fangcun port, Guangzhou airport,

We professional handle brandy, cognac, whisky,  cocktail, alcopop, liqueur, rum, maguey, sake, arrack, wine, beer, distilled liquor and other alcohol and spirits from France, UK, USA, Rusia, Mexico, Italy, Sweden, Korea, Japan, Columbia, Spain, Chile, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Argentina, Canada,Portugal, Germany, Georgia, New Zealand and other countries and regions.

Our services include
Customs declaration, commodity inspection declaration, Chinese Label registration, Chinese label printing and pasting, shipper and consignee registration at CIQ,inspection support, sample test agent, obtaining Chinese sanitary certificate, documentation preparation assistance, import right and import qualification support

What qualification an alcohol/spirit importer shall hold?
1.A business license covers distribution and sales of alcohol and spirits  
2.Food circulation certificate
3.Business certificate for liquor.

What documents an brandy exporter shall prepare for customs clearance in China?
certificate of origin, health certificate, certificate of analysis of each variety, packing list, invoice, sales contract, bottling date certificate, original labels , and the test report of plasticizers, original front label and back label and their Chinese translation  

The Import Procedures of Brandy  
1. Exporter prepare shipment and above mentioned documents
2.Customs broker in China do shipper and consignee registration, and Chinese label registration at CIQ
3.China customs broker proceed to customs declaration, commodity inspection declaration after shipment arrival
4.China customs examines documents, issue tax bills; China customs and CIQ do inspection on shipment after tax payment is done by consignee
5.Broker move shipment to appointed warehouse, paste Chinese label and make appointment with CIQ officer for sample drawing
6.CIQ laboratory does sampling test and issues Chinese Sanitary certificate.
7.Pick up goods.  

China Import Tax Rates for Brandy
HS code:2208200000
Import duty: 10%, value added tax 17%, consumption tax 20%