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Guangzhou Customs Clearance Case: Import of Lamps and Lanterns.

The customs declarations and clearance in China for imported lamps and lanterns are more complicated that regular goods because of port differences and required CCC certificate. As a China customs clearance services provider, we here under introduce something about import of lamps and lanterns. 

Lamps and lanterns discussed here refer to ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, and bedside lamps that used in home life. At present, lamps and lanterns imported by China are mainly from Italy, France, Spain, Czech, Lithuania, Poland, Netherlands, etc. 

In accordance with the People¡¯s Republic Import & Export Tax Regulations and Commodity and Item Annotations for  Import & Export Tax Regulations, different lamps and lanterns are classified under different HS codes based on names, usages and materials. 

Chandeliers and wall lamps are classified under HS code 9405.10000, with 5% import tariff, and 13% VAT,
Table lamps, bedside lamps, and floor lamps are classified under HS code 9405.20009 with 10% import tariff, and 13% VAT,
Search lights are classified under 9405.401000 with 10% import tariff, and 13% VAT,
Spotlights are classified under 9405.402000 with 10% import tariff, and 13% VAT,
Other electric lamps and lighting devices are classified under 9405.40900 with 6% import tariff, and 13% VAT,

The customs clearance for imported lamps and lanterns requires packing list, invoice, sales contract, sea/air way bill, CCC certificate or CCC exempt. 

As for the declaration elements of ceiling lamps, table lamps and other importing lamps and lanterns, customs in Guangdong require declaration of light holder quantity, while Shanghai customs do not require the same. In the actual declaration process of imported lamps and lanterns, different customs may have different requirements. Therefore it is very important to choose a professional China customs brokerage company

Notes: Before placing order for imported lamps and lanterns, it is important to check if the manufacturer can provide matching CCC certificates for them to make sure they can pass customs clearance in China

Pictured below is the custom declaration sheet for the Italian wall lamps we help cleared in Shenzhen . 

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