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How to Handle Customs Clearance in China for Imported Matcha Powder

Seahog, the leading customs broker in China 1997, provide package import customs clearance for matcha powder, including sea/air freight, document preparation assistance,shipper registration in CIQ system, Chinese label making and registration at CIQ,  customs clearance in China, import license, warehouse, and transportation in China. Our services are available accross China, including Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Zhengzhou, and Guangxi.

A note: for matcha powder originated  from Japan, it is very important to check if the place of origin is within the  nuclear radiation zones as food products made in  nuclear radiation zones are banned from importing into China. Plus, it is a must to provide test report on radioactive substances.

What qualifications a Chinese importer of matcha powder shall hold?
1.the import right circulation permit
If the consignee company does not have above qualifications, it wont be an issue as Seahog will help handle customs  clearance using its own quolifications.

What documents are required from exporter for customs clearance in China
1. certificate of origin,
2. health certificate
3. production date certificate
4. test report
5. ingredient list
6. original labels and their Chinese translation.  

HS code and Tax Rates

-Import Duty: 32%
-Value added tax 17%
-comprehensive tax rates  (1+32.0%*1+17.0%-1= 54.4%
Please kindly note that China customs collect tax based on CIF price.

Our Advantages,
1. over 20 years of experience
2. large network across China
3. strong connections with China customs, and pretty good credit record as a Customs Broker in China
4. We enhance customs clearance speed and reduce operation costs