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Importation Guidance -What Procedures Shall Imported Cubilose Products Go Through at CIQ?

Overseas Manufacturer Registration at AQSIQ
Imported cubilose products shall come from overseas manufacturers that have been registered at AQSIQ. The name list for AQSIQ registered overseas manufacturers of cubilose products is regularly updated and announced by AQSIQ.

Exporters or their Agents Registration
Exporters or their agents that export cubilose products to China shall be registered at CIQ system. Relevant company name, address, country/region, contact person name and email shall be provided for the registration.

Importer Registration
Importers that import cubilose products shall fill out application form at CIQ system, and submit paper documents to the local CIQ of the location that they registered business. After getting registration qualification as a cubilose products importer, they can proceed to handle import procedures of aquatic products.  

Quarantine Permit
QSIQ implements quarantine permission system on imported edible cubilose products with relatively high risk of safety and sanitation. Cubilose products importers shall go through quarantine permission procedures and obtain quarantine permit for imported animals and plants before signing trading contract.  

CIQ Declaration.
The consignee of imported cubilose products or its agent shall declare to port CIQ in accordance with  relevant regulations of AQSIQ. When declare to port CIQ, importer or its agent shall accurately fill out the variety of cubilose (edible cubilose), source, color(white, red) and shall indicate the full name of overseas manufacturer which has been registered at AQSIA and the relevant registration number, and the names and registrations numbers of the importer and exporter. The lack of the above mentioned info will directly lead to the refusal of declaration from port CIQ.

Inspection and Quarantine
After accepting declaration, port CIQ shall conduct inspection and quarantine on imported cubilose  products , including document verification, on-field inspection, sample drawing, laboratory test, issue certificate. Local CIQ issues inspection and quarantine certificate for qualified cubilose products and orders the unqualified to do technical modification, to be returned, or to be destroyed respectively based on the unqualified projects.