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Guangzhou Airport Customs Agency: Help with Customs Clearance for Human Hair Wigs

Wigs are hair manufactured by artificial technology. They are widely used among people who need to change hairstyle effortlessly. Some wigs are made of chemical fiber, while some wigs are made of human hair. Wigs that are made of human hair are realistic and they can be permed, conditioned and dyed, which means it would be much easier for people who wear wigs made of human hair to change hairstyle. 

Recently, Seahog Logistics, an experienced Guangzhou customs broker cleared a shipment with human hair that had been cleaned and dressed from Bangladesh at Guangzhou airport. The customs clearance procedures were all completed on the same day of the arrival date. The whole process was quick and smooth.

HS codes for wigs & Import Tax Rate
6703000000, Human hair, dressed, thinned, bleached or otherwise worked; wool or other animal hair or other textile materials, use for making wigs or the like, import duty 8%, value added tax 13%
6704190000, Other wigs of synthetic textile materials, other than complete wigs, 
import duty 8%, value added tax 13%

6704110000, complete wigs of synthetic textile materials, import duty 8%, value added tax 13%

6704200000, Wigs, false beards, eyebrows and the like of human hair, (including complete wigs), import duty 6%, value added tax 13%
6704900000, wigs, false beards, eyebrows and the like of other materials (including complete wigs), import duty 8%, value added tax 13%

The required documents for handing China customs clearance include sales contract, invoice, packing list, bill of lading.

Products from countries that have tariff preference agreement with China or that enjoy Special Preference Treatment shall provide certificate of origin in specified form. The shipment we just cleared for example, with Certificate of Origin in Form for Special Preference Treatment can enjoy 0 tariff as Bangladesh is one of the least developed countries.