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Guangzhou Customs Clearance Agency Case: Fresh Coconut from Thailand

fresh coconut imported from Thailand
Coconut, scientific name Cocos nucifera L., is one of the species of palms and is mainly distributed coastal regions  of  Africa, Latin America, Asia and equator. The main producing countries of coconut include Thailand Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India and Philippe. 
China customs declaration sheet for fresh coconut from Thailand
Our Guangzhou customs broker team recently helped import a shipment with 25350 kg fresh coconut from Thailand. As pictured, we shared the relevant import customs declaration sheet and photos of coconuts. Based on this case, we would like to share some notes for importing coconut into China. 

1.Coconuts shall come from specific places of origin, orchards and packing house, which means the coconuts shall from countries or regions that have entry access to China for coconuts, and the orchards or packing houses shall have been registered at China customs system and have the registration numbers.
2.The cartons of coconuts shall indicate name of the fruit, place of origin, registration number and name of the packing house. 
3.The category and variety of coconut shall be consistent with the content of the permit. The quantity shall not exceed the quantity of the permit. The shipment shall not carry any other fruit which have not yet been approved. 
4.Content of pesticide residues, heavy metals and other harmful substances of the coconuts shall conform to China national standards.
5.The exporter shall obtain phytosanitary certificate from the country/region of exporting. If the coconuts are shipped by container(s), the container number(s) shall be indicated on the certificate. The consignee on the phytosanitary certificate shall be same as the consignee on the Inspection and Quarantine Certificate for Entry Animals/Plants, and shall be consistent with the buyer on the sales contract. Shall the bilateral agreement has specific requirements that need to be embodied in the certificate, the requirements shall be stated on the certificate.  

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