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How to Get Certificate of Registration for Imported Cosmetics at Ministry of Health

Import duty for cosmetics/the import flow of cosmetics/import registration of cosmetics/required documents for customs clearance of imported cosmetics/Chinese label registration of cosmetics/how to get Chinese labels registered for imported cosmetics?

1. What procedures shall cosmetics go through when entering China?
All cosmetics produced and sold by overseas enterprises(including Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macao ) shall be registered and obtain certificate of registration from Ministry of Health before being imported in to China.
The key flow goes like this
- obtain certificate of registration from Ministry of Health í«
- get Chinese label registered
- customs clearance
- sales in China

2. How to classify imported cosmetics during customs declaration?

Imported cosmetics can be classified into non-special use cosmetics and special use cosmetics

non-special use cosmetics
- hair care products
- skin care products
- make-up products
- aromatic products

special use cosmetics
- hair breeding products*
- fitness products*
- breast beauty products*
- perming products*
- sunscreen productsí¨
- deodorantsí¨
- skin-lightening products í¨
- unhairing products í¨
products marked with * shall do human body trial rest, products marked with í¨ shall do human body  patch test.

3.How cosmetics registration at ministry of health goes like?  
 Sample test, prepare declaration materials, apply for registration, review of materials, issue registration certificate.
4. What test projects are involved? How long sample test takes ú┐
Normally imported cosmetics shall accept Microbial testing, Sanitary chemical test, PH test, toxicity test, human body safety and function test.
Usually it takes 2-4 months to get all test projects done.