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Shenzhen Customs Clearance Agent Company for Imported Used Equipment

Shenzhen customs clearance agent company for imported used equipment, import agent company in Shenzhen for used machine, Shenzhen customs broker, Shenzhen import customs clearance services for used production line. With years of operation experience in this field, Seahog logistics provide exporters/importers with professional import logistics solution.

Points for attention, when you export used equipment, used machines, and used production line to China
1. Obtain automatic import license
2. Obtain 3c certificate
3. Customs clearance in China
4. Whether the subject equipment has been used for more than 8 years?
5. Is the original factory invoice still available?
6. Is the name plate still clear?
7. Does the consignee company hold the qualifications to obtain automation import license? If not, Seahog will help to obtain after the subject equipment pass pre-shipment inspection
8. Locate and confirm HS code, and check supervision conditions for you. C some equipment is banned from importing into China.

The Basic Import Flows
Exporter/import prepare relevant materials and photos of subject equipment customs broker in Shenzhen check cost of each step and do quotation sign import agency agreement preshipment inspection in place of export (or in Hong Kong) sea freight obtain automatic import license exchange D/O after shipment arrivals declare to CIQ and obtain bill of entry from CIQ CIQ do inspection on field declare to customs customs examination and verification make tax payment after tax bill issued  customs inspection customs clearance pick up shipment and transport to destination local CIQ inspection (the subject used equipment can not used until local CIQ inspection is done.  )