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Customs Broker in Shenzhen for Imported Sake from Japan

Seahog logistics, professional food & beverage customs broker in China, handles import declaration for all kinds of food, including cookies, biscuits, snacks, coffee bean, nets, beverage, fruit juice, olive oil , coconut oil, coffee, chocolate, pistachio nuts, condiments, tomato sauce, milk powder, dried fruits, tea, wine. With 20 years of operation in this field, we have rich experience in import customs declaration, commodity inspection declaration, Chinese label making/registration, sample submit, import permit, import title, trucking, and warehouse.  

Food & Beverage Seahog regularly handles
- Nuts: cashew nut, hazel, almond, walnut, pistachio nut, macadamia nut, fig
- beverage & water: fruit juice, natural water, mineral water, tea drinks, coffee, honey,
- alcohol: wine, bear, vodka, rum, brandy,  Whisky, sake, liqueur, port wine, alcopop, fruit wine,
- dried fruits - dried banana, dried pineapple,dried strawberry, mixed dried fruit, druit blueberry, dried durian, dried cranberry, dried mango, dried plum, dried pawpaw, dried apple, dried currant, dried peach, dried fig, dried apricot, dried coconut
- snack: candies, biscuits, cookies, sweets, chocolates,  jelly, puree, sea sedge, chips, corn flakes,
-jam and sauces
- others: coco beans, coffee beans, food materials, , milk powder  

Import Operation Time Flow£º
-Chinese Label Pre-registration before shipping£º 5-7days
-Commodity Inspection Declaration & Customs Declaration: 3-5 working days, if the documents are correct and customs has no doubts on the declared prices  
-pick up goods and move to registered warehouse: 1 working day
-CIQ sampling test: 7-10 working days for first time import, 5 working days for second time import
-Paste Chinese Label and obtain Sanitary Certificate: 3-5 working days
-Arrange delivery:  one day
for first time import, estimated 15-20 days for customs clearance after shipment arrival    

-packing list, invoice,contract
-B/L or telex release BL
-certificate of origin Health certificate certificate of analysis/test report
packing certificate
-original label of every type o. Please note exact same wine but packed in bottle of different volume/design will count as different types.