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How to do Proper Preparation Jobs for Pre-Shipment Inspection of Used Machines to be Exported to China?

As a well-trusted China customs clearance agent for used machines/machine tools, second-hand equipment Seahog logistics is able to obtain the required certificates for importing the used  Machine into China. Meanwhile, we need assistance and cooperation from the seller, the freight forwarder, and the buyer.

First of all, we need to obtain Pre-shipment Inspection Registration Certificate (for used mechanical and electrical products), which will take around two weeks. Only when the certificate is obtained, shall customs clearance in China proceed.

Documentation Preparation
1) detailed list of the used machine: name of machine, model, place of production, year of production,  name of manufacturer.

2)business license of the seller's company - scan copy

3) brief introduction of machine, including function and application, operating principle
, technical specifications and other relevant information.

4) sales contract

5) clear photos of machine front, machine right side, machine left side, and machine name plate. Please do not put the photos into one single PDF file.
Once the got above-mentioned materials,  we can start to obtain Pre-shipment Inspection Registration Certificate (for used mechanical and electrical products)

Other Preparation Job   
1 ) please advise who will accompany CCIC inspector(s) to the warehouse where the
machine is stocked, and accompany CCIC inspector(s)  to do on-field inspection, explain
machine conditions to inspectors when necessary, and sign the Inspection Memorandum on field. Please advise the name, telephone number, mobile number, email address of the person who will in charge of this section.

2) indicate detailed address to conduct the pre-shipment inspection

3) please remove all packing of the used machine before inspection, as it is required to do pre-shipment inspection on naked machine